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We are always struggling to give the best to our customers in terms of technology, so pursuing that desire we are proud to have in our garage:

The physical shop is ASE-certified, by The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Computerized data technology for our customer and automobiles' parts database, via AllData software: a world-leading provider of electronic diagnostic and repair information and services for the automotive service industry.

Brake System

At Diego's Mechanics we provide a professional brake service with high technology on lathes.

Automatic Transmission Technology

At Diego's Mechanics we help you save your automatic transmission.
Most automatic transmission problems are caused by oxidized fluid which creates DEPOSITS in critical areas such as the valve body.

At Diego's Mechanics we have the key to long, trouble-free transmission life: we have the technology of BG PF5 Power Flush and Fluid Exchange, and if regularly scheduled (every 30 000 miles), this service dissolves deposits from critical transmission components and flushes them harmlessly away with the old fluid.

Conventional "drain and fill" transmission service only removes about 30 percent of the old, oxidized transmission fluid. The remaining 70 percent of old fluid CONTAMINATES the new fluid and often causes more harm than good to your transmission.

Car Cooling System Technology

The most common roadside automobile breakdown is cooling system failure.

At Diego's Mechanics we have the technology to avoid and provide antifoaming and anticorrosion protection.